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Business Start Up

The essentials of starting a new business are always based on a realistic and innovative business plan a desire to win and sadly adequate finance!

Most new business owners when starting up will no doubt start with a foundation of a solid business proposition and plenty of entrepreneurial spirit.  We help look after the legal and financial aspects of running a business or company formations, i.e. the boring bits that are so easy to get wrong...

With our combined years of experience, we can provide direction and guidance on starting up a business to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and hassle free for you, we will deal with HMRC, Vat and Payroll registration it goes on and on...

Whatever the size of business you are considering starting up we can provide vital advice on:


  • The form the business should take, sole trader, partnership, LLP, or Limited Company,


click on the you tube link which will take you to short video from our friends and colleagues at Freeagent which so simply explains the differences...


For more detailed advice on business types and forms please click here to view 'Your Business Structure'.

  • Company formation procedures.
  • Preparation of projections, cash flow and business plan.
  • Arranging finance.
  • Bookkeeping help on vat and payroll.

Our initial meeting is always free and hopefully will point you in the right direction, and even if you go elsewhere hopefully our advice will be of use.


Getting it right at the start is so vital


Everyone hates fire fighting!!


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