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Payroll a monthly or weekly task, sometimes simply ignored (!) and caught up with some weeks or months later by so many smaller businesses, can seem to be so mundane and boring.

With the planned changes by HMRC, some already in place, the above scenario will become an expensive option.

The move to “Real Time Information” by HMRC will become a wakeup call for all employers. No longer will employers be able to put it off!

HMRC will require an electronic online report every pay day – so the penalty and interest charging opportunities for HMRC are extensive and all employers will be caught.

If you already run a payroll or are thinking of doing so and have concerns then please tell us.....

  • We can either set up a system for you, from the very basic HMRC system to that of a commercial software supplier, our personal recommendation would be Moneysoft which we have used for some time and find to be easier to use and less expensive and cumbersome than their competitors.

Click here to see prices, terms and conditions.

  • Or as we do for a number of clients we can take over your payroll function for you and supply that to you in most circumstances for a fixed fee basis. You then have no worries over submission of returns and meeting filing deadlines as we do that for you – all you do unfortunately is make the payments to HMRC.



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