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Statutory Compliance & Other Issues

Compliance is now an area any provider of accountancy services has to be aware so more than before because of the greater “financial” impact on their clients than at any time in the past.


The penalties that exist for “non compliance” can simply mean

  • not filing a document by a due date
  • sending a payment a day late
  • filing a document incorrectly
  • or not signing a form
  • paying someone you think is self employed when HMRC say no they are an employee – this can be the most expensive one

All of the above can and do lead to an array of fixed penalties. Not understanding is not an excuse, the penalties are set down in law and there is no escape!

Compliance penalties are not just levied by HMRC, but also by Companies House.

Compliance does of course include the issue of an HMRC enquiry, be it from a VAT inspection, PAYE inspection to a full enquiry into your business and personal affairs. The penalties in these areas are now more aggressively applied and less forgiving than ever before.

As a practice we do our level best to ensure that our clients are not members of the compliance penalty club.

We have no control over the selection criteria HMRC use to choose a client, or as HMRC call you and us “customers”, for enquiry or inspection.

Consequently, and it would be wrong if we did not, offer to all clients a competitively priced insurance policy which is designed to cover our costs as well as other consultant’s costs which might be needed in defending you in such a situation and hopefully assist in avoiding the imposition of penalties and interest charges.

And yes the premium is tax deductible!


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